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About Digital Art / Student Liesbeth Verlaeckt19/Female/Belgium Group :iconraidtv: RaidTV
All brave warriors, unite!
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Liesbeth Verlaeckt
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Panromantic Stamp by qnerdi Asexual Stamp by sunbirds and eternally confused about social interaction.

Microsoft Windows User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Google Chrome User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Paint Tool SAI User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Adobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel

Hello there, and welcome to my profile! :)

My name is Liesbeth though I'd rather you call me by my nickname; Elby.
Here on Deviantart I still go by "Elby-manga-addicted" though my artist name has changed to "Elby MA" which is short for both Elby: My Art and my current profile name.

I've been a member of Deviantart for a couple of years now, and in that time my life has been turned upside down a number of times.

I have a burning passion for all things fantasy and I'm in a bunch of fandoms, so these are some recurring themes in my own artwork as well as my favourites. Speaking of my own art, I draw pretty much every day of my life and do so both digitally and traditionally. I also enjoy painting and making animations. Sadly, I barely ever upload my works here, so the most recent things are quick works or assignments for school. I swear I'm trying to upload more, but to be honest the turmoil my life has been in these last few years hasn't even allowed me to make much art. To make matters worse, a year ago I lost every single digital drawing I'd made when both my computer and my backup drive crashed at the same time. As you can imagine, many tears were shed. I obviously wished I'd uploaded more things to deviantart and this has been a pretty good motivation to do better in the future.
Right now I'm on a break from many things that kept me busy and unhealthily stressed. I'm hoping to have more time because of that, but we'll see :) .

I've got a number of projects I'm working on as well, these include my own series 'Tales of Eminae' (which used to be a manga called Ma Tamashi but the story has been changed dramatically and I've decided to make it an illustrated book series), an illustrated Harry Potter: next generation fanfiction, an illustrated Winx Club fanfiction starring my own characters, a Dragon Age collaboration with :iconfirefairy001: and lastly illustrations and writings from the Dragon Age pen and paper RPG that :iconfirefairy001: , :iconlynaphia: and I are part of.
Hopefully you'll all see some of these in the near future, but I'm not going to promise anything since life has a tendency of forcing me to break these kind of promises.... :doh:

There, I think those were the most important things, if you wish to contact me for whatever reason, you can try to send me a note or just message me on Pinterest or Tumblr. I'm much more active there so you'll have a better chance at getting my attention :)…

Thanks for viewing my profile!
Huggs, Elby

Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel Recycle Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


Looked At
Because jealousy is a thing. 

I haven't had much time for drawing lately (but who's surprised?) so the only finished works I can offer right now are expressions of emotions that I needed to get out.
I suspect there will be more of these in the future, but we'll see. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I might also upload some stuff that I made a while back, I was planning to upload those after my website gets updated, but that's taking way longer than I hoped it would, so there might be some interesting stuff coming up for you guys to look forward to! :)
Gonna be deleting like 90% of my old entries here, mostly the overly embarrassing ones that in all honesty no one needs to see XD
Battles No One Sees
I'm hoping this one speaks for its self... I made it a couple days back when I was feeling especially down and really needed a creative outlet for my feelings of doom and gloom.
Lately I've been struggling a lot with authority figures in my life failing to comprehend the seriousness of my depression. I try not to let it get the best of me, but I have my limits, and battling this disease drains me of my energy, so there isn't much left for anything else. It's a lonely feeling, battling your demons all by yourself and even though standing up straight is a victory on its own, you feel like you're still not doing good enough. 
I guess it's the oldest story in the book, mental illnesses have never been treated with as much understanding by outsiders as physical ones, even though they can be equally severe and afflict your physical health as well.

We'll see where the next battle takes me, I suppose. But for now, please enjoy this illustration!
Hello there!
I once again got tagged, so, for a change I'm gonna be not-immensely-late with replying :XD:

I got tagged by :iconcamprodon: So here I go, answering her questions! ;)

Her questions:

1. Do you have a pet? If yes, what kind of animal and what's its name?
Why yes, I do! I have three lovely cats and a very cute dog! They all have their specific owners within our family, so, my dearest loveliest, sweetest of all time pet is the adorable Ciska! :iconcutekittenplz: (<- that's not a picture of her but she's about that cute, well, very much cuter, but you get the point! :p )She's been the cat that rules my world for.. I think about eight years now? I love her more than anything or anyone in the world :heart: :heart: :heart:, truly, I'm not kidding ;)

2. What is the worst lie you ever told?
Uhhh... I don't know! I really dislike lying, so if I ever do lie, it's always a white lie, because otherwise my conscience will keep haunting me about it forever! And... white lies are kind of by definition not really bad, y'know, they're used to prevent arguments and stuff? I seriously haven't got a clue what lie would be the worst... But if it'll make you feel better, I once lied about my ex? Would that be bad? D:

3. Who would you like to hug if you are given the chance? :D (Big Grin)
Many people actually! For starters, my own characters, I would really like to sort of comfort them for all the hurt I bring them? It's really horrible, but I love them too, so I'd like to let them know that :3  aaaand... My mum? Since I'm in dorm school and will go to college next year, I'm not around that often and I know she misses me a lot, so I can never give her enough hugs! Aaaaand, my cat. I'm always in ofr hugging my cat! :D  And then... My best friends who I haven't seen in over a year... And other friends whom I haven't seen in a way too long time... And that one special person... And... My favourite fictonal characters, though I don't suppose they'd return the hug since they have no idea who I am... ^^;  I'm gonna stop now before the list gets so long you'll stop reading! :XD:

4. Are you interested in politics? Why (not)?
NOT! Absolutely not! For one, it makes my head spin! so complicated and we Belgians seriously have too many politicians and it's just too damn hard to keep it all straight when they start to argue! Like, I'm interested in the things politicians want to change in our country, I'd like to know beforehand when they decide to cut off certain buses and stuff, but all it's really ever done to me is frustrate me, and so, whenever someone starts about politics, I just get this irresistible urge to either stop listening or throw a table at their heads... Yeah, not a fan of politics!

5. Do you believe in god? Why (not) and if yes, can you please describe the image you have in your head of god?
I do, in fact, believe in God! I'm a catholic, and not afraid to be honest about it. I'm aware a lot of people think I'd want to convert them, but honestly, Jesus thought us to love and respect the people around us, like ourselves. If we give ourselves the freedom of religion, it's only natural to give others that freedom as well :) So no worries! I only preach about my religion when someone makes ridiculous assumptions about it like that one ;)  And my image of God? Hmmm... I sorta figure he takes many forms? Like a leaf flying through the wind and through the window inside the house, the small crackles of the fireplace, the amazing feeling of sand through your bare feet... Simply put, I see him as all the good and beautiful things in this world. Generosity, a compliment from a stranger, I see him in all those things :) While controversially, I also kind of see him in the bad things we do to ourselves... Because he gave humanity the freedom of will, and so some people think it's God punishing us, but I rather think it's one of the gifts he gave us, and that it's us humans who decided to drag in to ruins... But! There's this quote my mum often uses, and I actually have no idea where she gets it from, and it goes "God works in mysterious ways". And she says it when there's something I cannot fathom, something I don't understand, or when I'm surprised how a horrible event could have led to a happy end. And I think that's also a way to see him? Like, we do what we want, but eventually he'll make sure some good comes to us as well, even if we can't really see how he's planned all that :)
Oh, and I should probably also mention that as a kid, I used to think he was in the clouds, but not like, living atop the clouds, but rather, that he was the clouds, and that when he'd help you, they'd shape into two big hands who'd hold you and keep you warm and safe and... it was a really weird idea but thinking about it now, it seems kinda cute? I guess :XD:

6. A short one C: Mountains or the sea?
Arrrgh, difficult choice! Let's see.... both are cold (often) and both can be fun... one has bugs, other has too many people... Both have great views... One has beautiful plants and wild animals, other has shells and sandcastles and dipping your toes in the water.... I guess it's a tie for me? (sorry omg I'm so bad at making choices! :doh:)

7. Another short one: Books or films?
Are you kidding me?! I can't choose again! :o Books are often nicer because the story usually had more depth, but movies often have gorgeous music and everything looks pretty... Ugh, can't I say both again? It'd be so much easier if I'd been given a specific example! Like, I'd choose the Harry Potter books over the movies, but the Middle-earth movies over the books! That good enough of an answer for you? :p

8. What is your favourite/ most used emoticon on dA?
Uhmmm... I don't really know? I guess it'd be one of these: :squee: :glomp: :D ^^; :p :) or :XD:

9. Do you consider yourself a patriot? Why (not)?
Uhhh... What's a patriot? (gotta look that up!) Ah-ha! I get it now! No, I don't suppose I'd be a patriot, I don't even particularly like Belgium! I mean, it's a good country to grow up in, it's also very woman-friendly, and there's lots of opportunity, but I realise that like any country, there's ups and downs and there's also many negative sides to Belgium... I'm even relatively sure I'll eventually settle down in some other country, so no, I don't like Belgium more than other countries, and I wouldn't defend it 'till death without a very good reason to, not because it's the country I happen to be born on. We're all human, and we're all born on this planet, that holds much more meaning to me than countries...
10. Tell me something about yourself almost nobody knows. It can be everything, from a broken leg you once had to a secret hobby or a fandom.

Uhmmm... I guess something not a lot of people know about me, is that I'm actually very much into the cardgame yu-gi-oh :) I really like it, and have since I was a kid, I sort of just dropped it for a few years because I couldn't get my hands on a specific deck, and I kept losing against my brothers. But I picked it up again around last year, and with some investment, I now have the deck, and I'm busy building a lot of others :p I would like to tell you, for all the people who know the game, I'm not the kind of player who really plays to win, I play because I like my deck and the cards in my deck, and I enjoy the most to play very long duels where two players just have fun showing the other what their deck can do, on a friendly basis ;)  (I'm not a ruthless exodia user like so many ohters out there)

My questions:

Oh no! I've gotta make my own questions now? Darn! Okay... Here goes...

1. What was your favourite tv-show as a kid, that you still like to watch now?
2. What's your greatest inspiration for your art?
3. What's your favourite childhood memory?
4. Any idea what you'd wanna name your kids? (If you ever have any?)
5. If you're in puberty, or out of it already, what's one of the things that changed about you since you were a kid, that you're grateful for?
6. What is a song that gives you goosebumps? Or the lyrics make you emotional? And why? :D
7. What's a childhood dream you still wanna make come true?
8. Would you rather go back in time, or forward to the future (you can come back), and why?
9. Random one! What do you like and dislike the most about each season?
10. How would you want to die? (weird question, I know, but like, if you would die that way, you could die contently)

I tag:

:iconellietje: :icongromba86: :iconaustencovers: :iconanzuli: :iconmiyatoriaka: :iconrikachamadesu: :iconclessxmint:
You guys don't have to do this if you don't feel like it, but if you want, go ahead, I'd love to see what answers you come up with! :D
And of course, anyone else who feels like doing this you don't need permission! ;)
  • Listening to: Love will remember - Selena Gomez
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
  • Watching: My adorable cat, sleeping on my lap :3
  • Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition!! :DD
  • Eating: Breakfast! at 2PM! XD
  • Drinking: Chocolate milk :3


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